Today, on November 1, a large-scale advertising campaign of the game World of Warships from the St. Petersburg division of Wargaming has started. The face of the campaign was actor Steven Seagal.


As part of the promotion, a commercial was released in which the actor plays the role of an Aikido master who takes a random traveler looking for wi-fi for “the next great ancient hero.” The traveler then shows the master the game.

Seagal’s participation in the advertising campaign is not limited to the video. From November 1 to December 14, he also becomes available as one of the ship captains, not deprived of solid in-game bonuses.


Alyona Terekhova — Global Marketing Product Manager at Wargaming

“According to our statistical research, our target audience is people over 35 years old, for whom this actor is a cult. His films “Under Siege”, “Above the Law” and “Death in Spite” are loved and remembered not only in the CIS, but also in other regions, which was confirmed by our regional teams,” Alyona Terekhova, responsible for global product marketing, explained Segal’s choice as the face of the advertising campaign in a comment for .

“Perhaps he is the only one in the world cinema who saved an entire battleship alone and few people are so strongly associated with the ship theme. And Stephen’s characters themselves are close in spirit to our game: Seagal’s character always tactically plans his actions and deals a single, but crushing blow to the enemy. So it is in World of Warship, where a powerful and accurate volley of a battleship can practically destroy the enemy. Interesting fact: we looked at the Trends-Google indicators [according to Segal], and it is worth noting that they are equally good in 2006 and in 2014,” Terekhova also noted.

Source: Wargaming