The Liftoff platform has announced the expansion of its Mobile Heroes program for mobile marketers. Now it has been joined by specialists from Russia and other Eastern European countries. As part of the program, they will share useful tips and experience in this market.The Mobile Heroes Eastern Europe program started in October.

It was attended by specialists from Zimad, Olymptrade, Impulse, SUITSME and other companies.

In the Liftoff blog, they talk about fraud in the field of mobile advertising, the launch of applications in Eastern Europe, as well as give advice on promotion and publish articles on other professional topics like retargeting and working with influencers.

Here is what the head of Liftoff Sales Department Danusia Buquet says about the goals of the program: “By launching Mobile Heroes Eastern Europe, we are not only introducing marketers to the audience, but also creating a community of mobile marketing experts who can share their experiences and learn from each other.”

Liftoff has decided to expand its program amid growing competition in the mobile market of Eastern Europe. In particular, this applies to Russia. According to eMarketer, by 2025, mobile will account for over 60% (about $3.6 billion) of all advertising spending in the country.

“The Eastern European market, especially Russia, has been growing in recent years and has enabled game developers to expand their player base,” notes Zimad CMO Alexey Tishakov. “The main trends here are not much different from the global ones: hyper-casual games are still the most popular, while players remain loyal to the genre leaders in terms of engagement, so competition for the most paying users remains high.”

Other important challenges for marketers from Eastern Europe include lower solvency of the target audience compared to Western countries and changes in the mobile advertising market after the release of iOS 14.5.

“I would say that all mobile marketers face the problem of having to adapt to the new realities of working with traffic on iOS and the upcoming changes from Android,” said Sergey Tsondinov, former marketing director at Beresnev Games.

Liftoff launched the Mobile Heroes program in 2015 for specialists from the USA. Its main goal was to provide valuable resources for marketers and give them the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience.

For six years, the company has selected over 100 “heroes”, held several events like Mobile Heroes Lunch Club and organized a professional community in Slack, numbering more than 2,600 participants.

More information about Mobile Heroes Eastern European can be found here.