Recently, the analytical platform began to actively promote new free functionality. It’s called Featured Apps and helps keep track of which apps and games Apple is promoting on its platform.

The tool allows you to highlight the period, region and category of promoted programs. For example, you can select a game category, a specific number and find out which games were promoted on iOS 11 in Russia or any other country that day.

Featured Apps Screen in App Annie
Thanks to the solution, it is possible, without resorting to the paid functionality of App Annie, to assess the approximate impact of the feature on the position of certain applications in the corresponding tops.

Featured Apps was first introduced in January of this year. But the first version showed the feature only for the day of viewing. It was impossible to see which applications were promoted earlier.

By the way, Featured Apps should not be confused with another App Annie — Featured tool. The latter was introduced in 2016. It allows you to output data about which feature a particular application has received in its history.

Featured Apps currently only works with iOS 11.

A similar Featured Apps tool is also available in the free Sensor Tower functionality.

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