Game marketing consultant Chris Zukowski shared his thoughts on how to properly announce games on social media. He also gave examples of how to report a release, and how not to.

Chris touched on this topic today, November 25, in his Twitter feed. According to his research, the developers’ tweets in which they announce their games are the best.

But, of course, one announcement is not enough. A tweet should be written wisely so that people want to share it.

As an example that is worth taking note of, Zhukovsky cites a message from Stray Fawn Studio, which is dedicated to the announcement of the city builder The Wandering Village. The post has a couple of links, a cute GIF and a clear call to action.

А вот на анонс He believes that the tweet would have achieved better results if he had directly talked about the possibility of adding the game to Steam, and not just asked to do it.

Также Жуковски дал пару советов, которые должны помочь избежать распространенных ошибок при анонсе игры.

  • The post should contain a description of the game, a clear call to action, a trailer or gif, as well as a request to share a tweet.
  • It is better to remove hashtags, and put a link to the game page in the store in the answers (there are rumors that links can negatively affect the visibility of messages).

It is important to write a sensible announcement, and not just post a gif with the game.