How not to work with streamers? The answer to this question is now known by mihoyo, the developer and publisher of Genshin Impact. During the preparation of the new event, the company presented so many requirements to the content authors that many simply refused to work with it.

Genshin Impact
The story is as follows.

On November 25, a new event begins in the game. It’s called the Twitch Adventurers Guild. During it, players can get an exclusive in—game item – the “Glider of the Great Feast” (aka, the KFC glider, which was originally developed for a joint event with this fast food restaurant chain for China).

The same glider
Streamers play a key role in the event.

The fact is that in order to receive a set with a glider, a player must pay for a two-month subscription to a streamer who officially participates in this event on Twitch.

The nuance is that, as TecTone found out, an influencer with an audience of 560 thousand subscribers on YouTube and 715 thousand subscribers on Twitch, many streamers from the Genshin Impact community were not ready to cooperate with mihoyo as part of the event.

The reason is the requirements that the company has set for streamers. Those wishing to participate in the event for two weeks are prohibited:

  • stream other games;
  • sign sponsorship contracts;
  • speak negatively about the game.

With such strict requirements for the actions of streamers, mihoyo itself is not ready to pay for their participation in the campaign. It is assumed that they will be able to earn on user subscriptions.

Of course, such conditions did not scare everyone away. As our colleagues from WTF write, small channels are likely to be happy to participate in the campaign, to get at least some traffic from Genshin Impact. However, the company has lost big streamers who value a certain freedom of action.