In most countries, the most popular genre is action. In Russia, the most popular shooter games. Our PC players are also characterized by impulsiveness when buying games and high monthly spending on them.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
This was told in a joint report by Digital Media Consumers of SuperData and PayPal.

Unfortunately, in the results of their research, they do not provide a large number of data on the popularity of game genres by country and platform. Companies only indicate that among American gamers, the number of those who play action games reaches 67%. But SuperData and PayPal have highlighted in detail other behavioral patterns of players.

According to the study, Russian PC users are among the most impatient in terms of purchasing games and in-game content. The number of days between the purchase decision and the purchase itself from our compatriots is one of the minimum. Only the Japanese have less. The most patient, ready to postpone the purchase until the last discount, are the Americans and the British.


The number of days between the decision to purchase/in-game content and the purchase
Despite the difficult economic situation in the country and low prices compared to European prices, the average monthly spending of Russian users on console games is on par with similar Americans, and spending on PC games coincides with spending Japanese.


Average monthly spending on video game downloads and in-game content
Another common feature of Russian and Japanese users is that in both countries, trips are one of the most popular places for mobile games.

Russia is the only country where I play more on trips than at home. In the USA, by the way, one of the most popular places of the game is the bathroom.


Where are the games played?
The largest percentage of players for whom the console is the main gaming device is in the USA.

There they are out of the total number of players – 31%. At the same time, 78% of Americans play on smartphones. In Russia, this figure is about 10% (surprisingly, this is again at the level of Japan).

The study was conducted in September of this year. The work used online surveys among paying users. In total, 10 thousand people were covered – thousands from each of the studied regions (USA, Great Britain, Russia, Poland, Japan, Germany, UAE, France, Spain and Italy).

Sources: Superdata, PayPal