What publishers such as Big Fish, G5 Games, FDG and Nevosoft will talk about at White Nights – in our new material about the St. Petersburg conference.

1. Big Fish

Big Fish will present the topic “5 main mistakes in F2P games and how to avoid them”.

Chris Williams, vice president and general manager of the monetization company, will tell you on the example of his own projects what you can’t do if you want to make money from your users.

Hall “A”, the first day

2. FDG Entertaiment

Philipp Doeschl, owner of FDG Entertainment, will deliver a presentation on “How to preserve uniqueness in the Clone Era”.

It will be possible to learn about the history of clones, what they are, and how to make the right clone.

Hall “A”, the first day

3. G5 Games

G5 Games will highlight its presentation on the following topic: “How to monetize emotions in free-to-play games”.

Yulia Palatovskaya and Alisher Yakubov will talk about the difficulties of publishing and monetizing free-to-play games on mobile platforms and share success stories from G5.

Hall “B”, the first day

4. Nevosoft

Business Development Director of Nevosoft Yulia Lebedeva, in turn, will make a presentation “Everything you need to know about the Russian mobile games market”.

She will cover in detail what the mobile games market in Russia is today, about its main trends and the need to work on it together with local partners.

Hall “B”, the first day

Yes, by the way, ticket prices have increased today.

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