At the moment, Candy Crush Saga tops the box office tops in 50 countries. What should mobile developers who want to achieve comparable success take into account, the HasOffers strategist told.

1. Make your users angry

The difficulty of each subsequent level does not have to be higher than the previous one. This will give the user the impression that he has acquired the necessary skills.

This means that every time he cannot cope with a new task, he will be angry with himself. He will have three options: make more effort, look for an easier way or give up. Of course, there are those who choose the third option. However, many return with renewed vigor or willingness to purchase boosters.

2. Delay user satisfaction

The waste of all lives leads to forced waiting. This period passes quite quickly. Therefore, the game can be run several times a day, which generates addiction. Some fans even set an alarm clock, which reminds of the restoration of the desired “heart”.

3. Encourage users to use “cheat” techniques

After each loss, King offers to complete the level by buying boosters. They help to earn more points and practically guarantee victory. The IAP price is relatively small ($0.99). And in total, the company receives $ 633 thousand a day thanks to such purchases.

Of course, cute graphics, sound design and other factors play a role. All of them contribute to the emergence of dependence on the game. It is this “magic” that forces the player to re-launch the application and make an IAP.

From the editorial office:The original was written by Kelly Clay, one of the leading employees of HasOffers, a mobile analytics company, and a journalist .