What to learn from the authors of Candy Crush Saga, how much the mobile gaming market in Germany earned in 2013, how many smartphones Russians purchased last year – the answers to these and many other questions are in our traditional digest for the past week.  

The number of iPhone downloads in the States is no longer growingThe start of the Christmas season has seriously raised the cost of a loyal user, but has almost no effect on the number of daily downloads in the United States, Fiksu said.

What should you learn from the developers of Candy Crush Saga?At the moment, Candy Crush Saga tops the box office in 50 countries.

What should mobile developers who want to achieve comparable success take into account, the HasOffers strategist told.

iOS developers earn more than $25 million a dayWe wrote the other day that the App Store earned $1 billion in the last December.

Analysts from Azimco shared the figures for January and demonstrated the dynamics of payments since 2011.

Final mini-interviewsBefore the New Year, we interviewed our colleagues in the industry about what, in their opinion, happened important this year to the market and to them.

This article contains all fifteen mini-interviews that we managed to get before and after the holidays.

Turks spoil ratings of hit games on Google PlayDue to the specifics of one of the Google Play algorithms, Turkish users massively give one star to good applications, while leaving a positive review.

The German mobile games market generated $595 million last yearThe German market is the largest in Europe, Newzoo reported.

In 2013, its gamers spent $4.1 billion on games, $595 million of which fell on the mobile sector.

Revenues from mobile and online games in 2017 will amount to $60 billionThanks to the growth of the mobile and online games market, the total revenue of the gaming industry could reach a shocking $100 billion in three years, according to Digi-Capital.

Mobile Present – Console FutureHow much does it cost to develop a console game, why they don’t pay off, and also once again about why free-to-play (whether we want it or not) is the future, in our material.

In 2013, 18.5 million smartphones were sold in RussiaThis is 51% more than in 2012, according to a study by the domestic retailer Svyaznoy.

75% of the gadgets sold work on Android.