The latest information on the leaders of the American iPhone games market for the week (May 20-26) from Distimo: tops of free, paid and cash applications in one material.

We remind you that Distimo publishes total data on downloads and earnings of applications for a WEEK with a lag, respectively, of one week. More or less in detail, as a rule, we cover only the first three positions in Free, Paid and Grossing tops on the iPhone. We also pay attention to the big jumps in positions (a la, the game has risen in the top by 1000 “divisions”) and curious newcomers.

Top Free Apps

There were a lot of newcomers in the top for the 21st week of 2013. But about everything in order.

The first place continues to be in the tenacious hands of King: the Candy Crush Saga project is not going to lose downloads yet. But then there are new faces on the pedestal. This, firstly, appeared on the market just a week ago (relative to the date in question) Fast & Furious 6: The Game from Kabam. A good clone from a good team is a great combination. And secondly, the cruel Little Dentist by George CL about dental practice. In the project, the player acts as a doctor, pulling out and treating teeth. If not for the Pixar cartoon graphics, the game would have become a real thriller.

In the fourth position is a very specific Guncrafter from Naquatic LLC. The game uses the style of Minecraft, but offers a slightly different gameplay. In the project, it is necessary to collect weapons from cubes and, accordingly, check its performance by shooting at objects on maps.

Tetris® Blitz from Electronic Arts started right from the fifth place. It is difficult to call the project Tetris in the usual sense. But this does not prevent it from being an exciting game “about the glass”. The special flavor of the game is added by the “cranberry” music, because of which it always seems that a bear with a balalaika should definitely jump out from somewhere right now.

The temporary depreciation of Angry Birds Space allowed the Finnish project to jump immediately to 8th place.

Also, a newcomer named Word Rush from Palm Desert Studios appeared in the top ten. The next puzzle is distinguished from a sea of similar projects by an expanded social functionality.

Top Paid Apps

The first three have changed little here. Heads Up! occupies the first position. There was a castling between Minecraft – Pocket Edition and Survivalcraft. Actually, everything.

But in the fourth position we find a newcomer – ideologically a very close project of the Finnish Elasto Mania, but much more dynamic – Downhill Supreme from Reinhold Berzins. The essence of the game boils down to the fact that you control a cyclist driving down the highway at high speed. The task is not to let him fall.

After reducing the price by $4, FIFA SOCCER 13 from EA Sports appeared in the paid top.


Yes, the domestic Cut the Rope: Time Travel also returned to the chart.

Top Cash Register applications

The first three are unchanged. Candy Crush Saga is in the first place, Clash of Clans is in the second, and MARVEL War of Heroes is in the third.

On the fourth is Minecraft – Pocket Edition.

By the way, here’s a funny incident about the incompatibility of cash and paid tops. In the paid chart, as you remember, Heads Up! is in the first place, which is in 33rd place in the box office top. Survivalcraft, which occupies the third position in top paid, is noticeably ahead of the creation of Warner Bros. in top grossing. The game is in 20th place. In the middle between them in paid – Minecraft, which occupies the already mentioned 4th place in top grossing.