The “bird” company has a new operating director. He became Teemu Suila, a Nokia veteran who gave about 18 years of his life to the cellular company.     

Rovio is the new Nokia, the Finnish Kruzenshtern, “man and steamboat”. And the worse it gets for the famous vendor, the brighter the Angry Birds constellation shines in the sky of the Finnish IT, because Nokia employees do not disappear into nowhere. 

Rovio’s latest acquisition is Teemu Suila, who has worked in various positions at Nokia since 1995. He was responsible for the company’s corporate strategy, strategic planning, and at one time for business development. He is now the operating director of Rovio.

Tiima was replaced by Harri Koponen, who headed this post at Rovio for two years. Before that, by the way, he was the president and CEO of Tele2. Harry will take up a role as the head of one of Rovio’s investor companies.