In fact, the first day, or rather the first night of the White Nights 2013 conference has already passed. Yesterday, from June 26 to 27. Read about what happened on the hottest St. Petersburg day in our hot report.

It all started with a pre-party on Duma. Developers, advertisers and publishers gathered under the covered canopy of a small bar. Moreover, it so happened that in the right corner, closer to the stage, there was a concentration of traffic sellers from abroad, literally snatching developers from each other, more interested in eminent colleagues who could be asked about their experience in the development of the company and projects than in downloads.

By nine o’clock the bar was crowded, and conversations conducted in English and Russian at once (although German speech was constantly heard here and there) began to smoothly move beyond the bar, dragging the interlocutors further away from beer, wine and mors (your humble servant was so carried away by conversations that he completely forgot bag in the bar). 

In general, the party turned out to be quite a working one. We managed to talk with Willy Hedjari from Playhaven about big games on mobile platforms, with Anton Rybakov from JoyBits about the company’s future projects, with Anastasia Perina from Rocket Jump about porting games from social to mobile platforms and many, many others about the industry as a whole, hoping to stock up on interesting interviews for a long time.

The pre-party ended offensively quickly. But it was completely replaced by a walk on ships with drawbridges and lightning (there was no rain, but there was a healthy cloud hanging over Vasilievsky Island, over which fire flashes constantly ran). 

There were two ships in total – conditionally red and conditionally yellow. We got on yellow, hoping to find out from relaxed developers some secrets, like upcoming unexpected releases or the volume of their earnings.

But, unfortunately, the developers, despite the vodka, whiskey and red wine they drank, held on. So, yes, no announcements.

But Crank and I, sitting on the bow of the ship and watching the bridges being drawn, managed to discuss the importance and honesty of IAPs.


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P.S. There will be photos. Later.