China is rapidly gaining ground in the mobile market. However, there are serious problems in this market. They are dragging the Celestial market down. 

While Apple CEO Tim Cook considers the country to be the “second largest market” for the corporation, China Internet Watch reports a drop in the number of accesses to the network in China. And this is with an increased amount of time spent online (now the total length of the session is 3.5 hours, a year ago – 3 hours).

Among the disadvantages of the market, it should also be noted that: 59% of users in China have from 3 to 10 applications on their smartphone. For comparison, the average American user only launches 8 apps a day. 

Considering that it can take 10 minutes for a Chinese user to download one application, and Wi-Fi is not very common, there is nothing to be surprised about.  

On Inside Mobile Apps, referring to the speakers from the Churchill Club, they believe that one of the factors hindering growth is the unwillingness of the industry to run “at the forefront of progress.” The trick is that local vendors produce outdated tubes. And they can be understood: expensive smartphones in China will not be in such demand.  

Anyway, there is an active growth of mobile payments in the country (the annual increase in 2012 was 89.2%), which means that it will be easier for developers to earn money in this market from year to year.