The big tour of Mobile Developer Day in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States continues. Odessa is the next stop. 

The MDDay tour opened on July 10 in Minsk. Moreover, he opened very cheerfully with such interesting topics of reports as “Making money”, “Harmful advice” and, of course, “Is the developer expendable or a valuable employee?”. And on August 16, this tour will continue in one of the most hospitable cities – in Odessa. 

The conference, as in Belarus, will be held in two streams: master classes on application development for various platforms will be held in parallel with the reports. What is especially important, participation in them is free, but you still have to register. 

The topic of the main stream is “promotion, PR and monetization of mobile applications“, as well as “cross–platform, prospects for augmented reality and Smart TV“.

Companies such as Marmalade, Herocraft, ID East, metaio, SmsCoin, Droider and Eligovision have already announced their participation. Among the announced topics are “Promoting mobile applications on the Internet using video”, “Creating content applications for Windows Phone 7 using WP7Publish”, “Porting Quake within an hour using the Marmalade SDK” and many, many others.