The low visibility of apps on the App Store and Google Play has long been no secret to anyone. What to do when there is no money for traffic, but I want to promote the application? Go to smaller stores – say analysts mobyaffiliates.

They also offered a list of the most interesting app stores that are worth paying attention to. We offer a short version of the material.

List of stores


American store of mobile applications. They say they work with device manufacturers to put their app store on their devices. However, they do not specify with which ones. Also, the authors of the store, founded back in 2008, claim that the breadth of distribution coverage is second only to Google Play. 

  • Platform: Android
  • Countries: global 
  • Services: promotion tools, distribution platform
  • Key figures: the app store is installed on devices of more than 140 manufacturers, costs 20 million devices


Amazon Appstore

One of the most famous stores . Launched in 2011. It is installed on Kindle Fire tablets, which are very popular in the USA. 

  • Platform: Android
  • Countries: global
  • Services: cross-platform analytics, developer select program
  • Key figures: 80 thousand applications, 25 million monthly downloads


It’s not quite right to call GetJar a store. This is a platform, a kind of add-on that helps to monetize and distribute applications on a number of platforms. 

  • Platform: Android, BlackBerry, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile
  • Countries: global 
  • Services: promotion, cross-platform analytics, distribution 
  • Key figures: 2 billion downloaded applications since the release of the service in 2004, 3 million applications are downloaded through the service every day, 200 million users

Opera Mobile Store

Launched in 2011 in the wake of the success of Opera Mobile, which distributed applications for ordinary handsets. In it, everything is like in big stores: there are several storefronts, many categories, tops of the most popular, the best free and paid applications.

  • Platform: Android, Java, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iOS
  • Countries: global
  • Services: distribution platform, free promotion platform
  • Key figures: 170 thousand applications, support for 6000 mobile phone models, MAU of 100 million, 1.8 million downloads daily


It was launched in 2009 by the developers of Archos tablets. Created to distribute Android apps for “tablets”.  

  • Platform: Android tablets
  • Countries: global
  • Services: application certification, developer account for downloading and selling data, payment via PayPal 
  • Key figures: 40 thousand applications installed on 2 million Android tablets


Online browser-based Android market. Allows developers to advertise their application based on their own pay-per-install system. There is a proprietary SDK. 

The main achievement is the creation of 35 applications, whose total downloads have exceeded the bar of 50 million. 

  • Platform: Android
  • Countries: global
  • Services: own SDK (it allows you to monetize applications), promotion service, real-time tracking


One of the oldest Chinese Android markets. It was created by the game company Shanda. Thanks to this, I got access to the company’s mobile games library. It is a pre-installed store on many Android devices distributed in China.

  • Platform: Android
  • Countries: China
  • Services: promotion, free installation account, distribution
  • Key figures: MAU is 25 million


The main feature is the ability to create your own store inside this platform.

  • Platform: Android
  • Countries: global
  • Services: certification publishing program, statistics
  • Key figures: MAU 3.5 million

To be continued… 

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