The developer and publisher of the mobile hit Candy Crush Saga has announced its plans for an IPO. Moreover, King has already managed to negotiate with several banks for assistance in the initial placement of its shares in the US markets. 

This was reported yesterday by The Wall Street Journal, on the pages of which it was also noted that the banks addressed by King include J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Credit Suisse Group AG and Bank of America Corp. The terms of the deal are still being discussed by its participants. So it’s too early to talk about when exactly to wait for King to appear on the market.

In any case, as noted on Pocket Gamer, King will be the first big mobile company to enter the market since Zynga. But the British publisher, speaking about plans for an IPO, was clearly not inspired by Pinkus’ experience. His muse is the Japanese GungHo, whose capitalization after the success of Puzzle & Dragons in the company’s native market amounted to $ 15 billion.

The climate for issuing securities is favorable now, PwC analysts say. According to their forecasts, this year the global mobile games market will grow by 13.5% to $9.9 billion compared to 2012.

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