Socks for everyone: gaming magnate King has announced the conclusion of the first agreement on licensing services and promotion of related products – the Candy Crush Saga line of socks.

Yes, exactly socks.

They will be created by the company producing premium socks Happy Socks. According to the style, some of them will embody a chocolate explosion, and others – striped red and white lollipops.

King has decided to release a new product, following the example set by the developers of Angry Birds. Indeed, Rovio announced that half of its revenue in 2012 was sales of related products, whereas in 2011 this figure was only 30%. Plush toys alone brought Rovio hundreds of millions of dollars, so it is quite logical that King decided to repeat this experiment and release new products under its own brand.

The cost of socks is $12.00 / £8.00 per pair.

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