The British gaming portal Pocket Gamer has published a list of projects for next-generation consoles that will be able to work in conjunction with smartphones and tablets.

For this bundle, of course, you will need to install an application. Most likely, something like Xbox SmartGlass. In each individual case, various functions will be assigned to mobile devices.

Battlefield 4

Squad captains will be able to use tablets and smartphones to assess the overall situation on the battlefield, as well as to distribute commands.

Need for Speed: Rivals

Outside of the races, users will help the cops in the pursuit of other players. To call in air support at certain moments, for example.

The Crew

On the “second” screen, gamers will be able to customize their cars.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

It will be impossible to take part in battles from the tablet, but players will have the opportunity to treat members of their team.

Ryse: Son of Rome

Mobile devices in this antique blockbuster will allow you to launch multiplayer battles and watch the progress of friends in real time.

Dead Rising 3

In this case, using any device with the Xbox SmartGlass application installed, users will be able to at least cause an artillery strike against hordes of zombies.