What happens if Golden Axe, Street Fighter, Diablo and metal are mixed in one test tube? It would seem that this is not the easiest question. However, we know how to answer it. The output will be ChronoBlade, a new project by Stieg Hedlund, designer of Diablo 2.

There are not very many details about the project yet. It is known that this is a very dynamic role-playing slasher with horizontal scrolling (side view, you can only move forward, backward and slightly within the boundaries of the track). 

Judging by the first screenshots and the video, the project is at least spiritually close to beat ’em up-am of the early 90s. From Diablo, he, in turn, got a role-playing system with branched skill trees. Plus, the game has very wide possibilities for character customization. 

It will be possible to play ChronoBlade alone, together with friends in cooperative mode, as well as in PvP.

The project is truly cross-platform. Now its beta version can be played on PC, releases on iOS, Ouya and Android are next in line.  

Along with Stig, Dave Jones, one of the creators of Grand Theft Auto, and Tony Harman, the former president of Realtime Worlds, are also working on the game.