Korean game publisher Com2us has announced an almost threefold increase in users of its mobile games since July 2012, with 28 million players connecting to its mobile platform every month.

According to Tech In Asia, the Com2us mobile portal now attracts 4.8 million active users per day, whose interest is maintained by maintaining the progress of the game.

Magic TreeThis is a significant increase compared to 10 million monthly users – Com2us published this data 11 months ago, when 2.2 million users launched its applications daily.

By the way, this means that 22% of monthly Com2us users played every day in July last year, while now this figure has dropped to 17.1%, which indicates that Com2us is developing its audience at a faster pace than it attracts those who already use its applications.

Nevertheless, the news about the company’s growth was associated with the release of three new games on iOS and Android: Golf Star, Brave Heroes and Defense Technica, which corresponds to the previously announced goal of the company – to release 16 games for the current quarter.

Com2us published record data on its revenues for the previous quarter, which amounted to 24.9 billion Korean won (about $22.4 million), which is 17% higher than revenues for the fourth quarter of 2012.

A source: pocketgamer.biz