The Finnish project Clash of Clans took the first place in the top free applications of the Japanese App Store.  

The other day we were wondering how the translation of Clash of Clans into Japanese would affect. 

It reflected well. The project occupies the first place in the free download chart.

Only it is important to understand: the growth was provided not so much by translation as by localization-related features on the main page of the Japanese App Store, as well as in the New and Noteworthy category.

Along with the downloads, the indicators in the box office top also increased.

If the game was on the 37th position before the update, now it is already on the 23rd. Will this indicator grow – yes, yesterday, after all, traffic from Puzzle & Dragons poured into the game.

After the growth, the indicators will remain on the ground or collapse back – the question is more complicated.

We will keep an eye on it.

Yes, it will be possible to ask the guys personally about what Supercell thinks about the Japanese market on June 27 at the White Nights conference.