China’s application market is characterized not only by extensive, but also by intensive growth. Chukong (formerly CocoaChina) and Wandoujia told about how much games earn in China.

In an interview Chinese developer and publisher of mobile games Chukong said that last year the market size reached $ 1.5 billion. About 30 projects started earning $1.5 million a month on it. 

Wandoujia, China’s largest mobile interview store, in another interview with the British edition noted that within the framework of the company’s ARPPU platform, online projects jumped from $8 to $32 from April 2013 to November 2013. 

By the way, a few words about Wandoujia. It has the largest user base among alternative app stores. The graph is slightly lower – 200 million users, but, according to the latest data, already 300 million.

He is also the leader in monthly downloads – 900 million per month. Not bad at all, considering that as of June 2013, the number of monthly downloads of Google Play was 2.5 billion. 

Returning to the interview.

According to PocketGamer, according to both companies, 2014 will be the year of consolidation of Chinese markets, but in Chukong they think that distribution channels will still remain highly fragmented, and in Wandoujia, on the contrary, they believe that three or four strong players will remain on the market, with whom everyone will need to work. 

One of these players is likely to be WeChat. According to Chukong’s forecast, messenger will occupy 30% of the entire mobile games market (in terms of revenue and number of downloads). Representatives of Wandoujia, in fact, a direct competitor of WeChat, are in no hurry to predict a bright future for it, but they also note the success of the messenger in terms of user retention. 

Chukong’s main forecast for 2014 is the appearance of a game that will earn $15 million a month on the Chinese market. 

A source: http://www.pocketgamer.bizChukong (formerly CocoaChina) is one of China’s largest communities of iOS game developers, as well as a studio and publisher of mobile games.

It is well known in the West as the publisher of one of the most successful series of games on the Chinese market – Fishing Joy.Wandoujia is currently one of the largest Chinese mobile application distribution platforms with a user base of 300 million people.