Today is not only the Day of Knowledge, in which schoolchildren with lean faces load their satchels with textbooks and pencils, but also the birthday of our website dedicated to all aspects of the mobile games market.


Three years is a serious time. The industry we are writing about has changed seriously, and without which we can no longer imagine ourselves, we ourselves have changed seriously (and it’s not just about the design, which has changed radically twice and, by the way, has changed a little bit today).

Юлия Лебедева

Julia Lebedeva“In 2011, there were no serious resources dedicated to the mobile games industry created specifically for developers.

IT in general, smartphones and tablets, applications for them – as much as you like, but there were no media outlets that would write about the market for participants in this market. So we came up with App2Top. By the way, the name stands for “application in tops”, i.e. it was meant that readers would learn to promote their mobile applications thanks to us,” said Yulia Lebedeva, editor-in-chief of the website and business Development director of Nevosoft. 

Over the entire existence of the site, more than 4 thousand materials have been published. The subject matter of the articles has expanded significantly, but the focus has remained the same: – this is an information resource about the market of games for smartphones and tablets, existing for those who create and sell these games. 

This would not have been possible without you, our readers. Thank you!