Facebook ‘s Director of partner projects , Julien Codorgnu , said in an interview Forbes.ru what you need to do to make the game a hit.

There are only six tips:

  • It is necessary to come up with a reason why players would want to return to the game several times a day.
  • The project should not just be integrated with social networks, it should be social in nature. 
  • Cross–platform is one of the keys to success. The user must have access to the project from any platform.
  • It is better to go to the mobile market after the launch of the project on Facebook. 
  • Use the Parse service (it puts all the application data in the cloud and allows you to quickly integrate full Facebook support into the game, Julien calls Parse a “back office for games”).
  • Run games not in Vkontakte, but on Facebook.

A source: http://www.forbes.ru