After carefully studying the recent Garter report, which predicts that by 2018 only 0.01% of mobile apps will be successful, developers of the Kii platform shared how to be among that tiny fraction.

Not long ago, Garter presented its vision for the future of the mobile industry over the next few years. According to analysts, the market situation is becoming more intense. In four years, less than 0.01% of all new apps will be financially successful (German game publisher Wooga claims that currently, less than 0.1% of games in stores are successful).

This problem applies to both free and paid apps. Only 10% of paid apps reach five hundred daily downloads, with earnings of $1,250 per day (though how Garter found 10% of such apps is a big question, as we believe there are far fewer relatively "successful" apps).

So, what should developers do and what trends should they pay attention to if they want to earn more? Here's a list from Kii:

  • The app should be free (surprise, right?)
  • IAP, in-game advertising, paid subscriptions, and a combination of all these elements will generate revenue in the near future. Analytical services and A/B testing will also help.
  • If paid games do exist, they will only be in the form of blockbusters—very expensive, beautiful, and unique projects.
  • It will be necessary to acquire users in Asia.
  • Developers should prioritize user experience (today, social services and word of mouth are critically important).


About the companies:

Garter — a consulting company that analyzes information technology markets and regularly publishes forecasts on mobile device sales.

Kii — a mobile MBaaS provider with its own IAP analytics and ad network.