We continue to summarize the results of 2023 with the gaming (or related to the gaming sector) teams. Next up is an interview with Polina Zalyaeva, business development manager at the Artvostok outsourcing studio.

What was the year 2023 like for the company?

The year 2023 was filled with expectations and hopes for Artvostok. As in previous years, the team tried to work productively, create cool art for clients.

We have become more involved in events and conferences.

We were also very pleased to see the projects we participated in at The TGA 2023 Game Awards.

We are currently waiting for the releases of many current projects.

How has the outsourcing market changed over the year?

The outsourcing market has changed in 2023. This is a fact. It is impossible not to recognize him.

Firstly, many development studios were relocated, which made adjustments to the entire workflow.

Secondly, the gaming outsourcing market has become more competitive.

Despite all the difficulties, Artvostok was able to stay on the market. This was due to in-studio discipline and adaptability. The company managed to maintain established relationships, continue working with existing customers, and also start working with new ones.

Has the practice of working with the customer, their requirements, approaches, and expectations changed?

The practice of working with the customer has changed little.

The same applies to how we work. All Artvostok artists are also fully committed to the process and projects. We are aware of the contribution that each artist's work makes to a particular game, and how important it is to do the work efficiently and on time.

What are the company's plans for next year?

If we talk about the future, then we assess the situation sensibly. We understand that in game development, it will not be like before. The development of technology does not give a chance to stay in place.

Of course, various difficulties have arisen in recent years, but we believe that everything can be handled. As before, we plan to continue to actively work on projects, our team will continue to help clients in bringing existing projects to the completion stage and, of course, will always be waiting for new tasks.

In the new year, we will continue to experiment, try new things in tasks and techniques, and expand our in-studio portfolio.

We plan to pay great attention to the development of our artists. The level of complexity of tasks is constantly increasing, and quality requirements are increasing. Obviously, the level of complexity and necessary art skills will increase from year to year. So one of the directions of the company's development every year is the training of artists inside the studio. We understand that without continuous training, it is impossible to achieve high-level retention among specialists. The latter, in turn, directly affects our competitiveness in the outsourcing market.

We plan to attend a number of international conferences next year and establish new contacts.