We continue to summarize the results of 2023 with the game teams. This time we talked with Artyom Koblov, founder and creative director of perelesoq studio.

What was the year like for the studio? What have you done that I would like to highlight in terms of achievements?

2023 was very busy for us. We did two projects in parallel, finally released Torn Away, won several industry awards and, of course, grew a lot as developers.

At the end of the year, the main investor left the studio and now we are on our own.

In general, over the past two years, it has become clear that people are the main thing. We try to live and work in this paradigm.

How has the situation changed for the studio in the market? What new challenges did she face?

Adventure games were also a difficult genre for marketing in 2019, but in 2023, successfully selling a story adventure is a three-star task.

The investment field has also changed a lot. It was quite possible to find money in 2021 for a new studio with a good cut on hand. Only the best survive now. Therefore, the main challenge for us is to become one of them.

Torn Away

What was the year like for the indie scene in general?

2023 is the year of very strong and diverse games. This is another reason why each individual developer simply lacks the attention of the players.

First of all, I would like to highlight the games of Russian developers: Gripper, Loretta, The Bookwalker, "Kuzhlevka", "Obscure".

I also enjoyed playing the Selfloss and "Famously One-eyed" demos. And, of course, I got high from the new gameplay videos of the "Policeman".

What are the studio's plans for next year?

The plan is simple — to stand firmly on our feet, review business processes and continue to do what we know and love.