We continue to summarize the results of 2023 together with the game teams. Next up is an interview with Anton Vinogradov, co-founder of the porting studio and publisher of Samustai.

What was the year like for the company? What have you done, implemented, and what would you like to highlight in terms of achievements?

Long story short — 2023 was a blast. This year was probably the most important for us in terms of choosing the company's development vector. We have significantly improved the quality and scale of published projects. Back in August, we broke the bar in 25 released projects and very soon this figure will exceed the mark of 30. Among the largest projects released by us, I would like to mention Skabma, Lost Eidolons and Ultimate General: Gettysburg.

Our main focus for a long time has been premium titles for PS, Xbox and Switch, but this year we started doing freeplay projects as well. The number of teams is growing, the number of projects is growing. Hand on heart, it is very pleasant to talk about so many achievements, but we do not plan to slow down the pace.


How has the gaming outsourcer market changed over the year?

I may be a little subjective on this issue, but the market has changed for the better and for the worse. Many large companies reduced their staff and began to use outsourcing services more actively, including hiring full—fledged teams for various tasks. Nevertheless, budgets are now being used more selectively. Many market players want to reduce risks.

There is a strong feeling that 2024 will start with completely different development budgets. However, the market shows that many indie projects, as well as small games from large companies like Dave the Diver, still find their place in the hearts of users.

Lost Eidolons

Has the practice of working with customers, their requirements, approaches, and expectations changed?

Globally, everything remained in place. Every customer wants transparency when working with a remote team. Most companies have long known what porting is. As a rule, they prefer experienced teams. It costs them significantly less to create an internal team.

From a personal point of view: more and more large companies prefer work and communication through Discord.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg

What are the company's plans for next year?

Grow up on projects, train several more teams, and develop your expertise in development in addition to porting.

In the near future, we plan to start working on freeplay titles on consoles. In general, to be faster, taller, stronger.