Today, as part of the publication of the report for the second fiscal quarter, Zynga announced a new deal. She buys the Turkish publisher Rollic Games. The latter is among the top 25 most successful hypercausal companies on the market.As a result, 80% of the shares of mobile developer and publisher Rollic will be transferred to Zynga.

The transaction will be completed on October 1, and the company will acquire the remaining 20% over the next three years.

Zynga will also get full control over the Turkish studio’s games, including Go Knots 3D, Flipper Dunk, Wheel Smash and Pixel Shot 3D. Thanks to 65 million users who play Rollic Games projects every month, the total audience of the company’s titles will be 200 million people.

According to Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau, the deal will strengthen its position in the markets of South Asia and the Middle East. “This is our first step towards hyper—casual games,” Gibault said. “This is the largest and fastest growing category of the mobile market.”

This is the fourth Zynga deal in Istanbul. According to Gibo, Turkey is now becoming the center of mobile development. So, in June, the company acquired a local developer Peak Games for $ 1.8 billion.

Zynga began actively buying other studios after Frank Gibault took over as CEO. Under his leadership, deals were made to purchase Small Giant Games ($560 million), Gram Games ($250 million) and NaturalMotion ($527 million).

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