Sensor Tower bought two mobile apps. The developers of one of them will join the service team.

According to Pocket Gamer, the StayFree and ActionDash applications were purchased as part of the same transaction. Their cost is not disclosed.

StayFree is distributed through the App Store and Google Play, and Action Dash is available only in the Google store. Both programs optimize the operation of smartphones, increasing their performance and service life.

The applications will provide Sensor Tower with anonymous data about the use of mobile software. This way the service will improve its own mobile analytics platform.

In addition, Sensor Tower will expand its staff. His team will include the creators of StayFree. Exactly how many is not reported, but two developers are mentioned on the official website of the StayFree App.

Recall that Sensor Tower has set a course for expansion. The company recently raised $45 million through a new strategic partnership. The growth of the service indicates an increase in demand for mobile analytics.

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