A publisher of independent games with Russian roots has appeared. It’s called Ravenage. It was founded and headed by Elena Morina, who was previously responsible for marketing Super.com . The new company has a fund of $20 million.

Now the publisher is ready to work with teams that are looking for additional funding to complete their games. As stated on the Ravenage website, the company is ready to consider projects at the stage of vertical cut, beta or early access for investment.

There are no details about which projects the company is ready to support yet. However, given Morina’s previous experience and focus on indie, it is possible that we are also talking about paid PC games. There is also no information about the amount of investment for the project.

In addition to financial assistance, Ravenage offers a full range of publishing services: marketing (including creating creatives and buying traffic), PR, working with the community, localization, and so on.

Publishing games is a complex process. Sometimes developers do not fully understand what is behind it. Sometimes this leads to problems, especially if we are talking about a young team that has just made its first game. Therefore, our motto is full transparency in working with partners. For example, when promoting a game, we invite developers to work together with our marketing team,” says Morina.

Currently, Ravenage is preparing a line of projects for 2021. It will be announced this September.