Bonsai Collective is a studio founded by producer Overcooked! and The Escapists 2, — received $3.5 million. The publisher acted as an investor .

The parties agreed not only on a cash tranche, but also on a partnership. According to the terms of the transaction, He will be the publisher of the studio’s first game — an as yet unannounced first-person shooter using a new IP.

Bonsai Collective noted that now its main focus is “the development of the studio with an emphasis on the well—being and diversity of the team.” Apparently, the funds received will also be used for this.

As for , then its management explained the deal with its strategy. “Our main goal is to — find studios and technology startups that have outstanding teams and are focused on success,” said Oleg Sambikin, CEO .

Bonsai Collective is a relatively young studio. It was founded in 2019 by Hollie Emery, a former producer of Team17, where she worked on Overcooked! and The Escapists 2, as well as Benny Hill (Benni Hill) and Harry Corr (Harry Corr), who were noted in Q.U.B.E. 2. — international game publisher of AA projects with Russian-speaking management. Among the company’s recent successes is the release of Raji: An Ancient Epic, which was noted at The Game Awards 2020 in the indie category. In 2018, the company announced its readiness to invest $50 million in Unreal Engine games.