Replenishment in the ranks of Playrix. The gaming giant announced the joining of Daily Magic. A new studio is already being built on its basis, which will support the existing Playrix blockbusters.

Witching Tower VR
As reported in the press release, Daily Magic is the first Playrix studio to join as a co-dev developer.

Previously, teams, having joined a group of companies, launched their own projects into development. As for Daily Magic, it will develop separate features for Homescapes.

We are confident that the high potential of the team, combined with the experience and expertise of Playrix, will be realized in the work on our legendary hits,” commented Maxim Kirilenko, Director of Business Development at Playrix.

Daily Magic was founded in 2010 in Kaliningrad. For about 8 years, she has been developing hiddens commissioned by Big Fish and outsourcing graphics for other mobile companies. Then the studio tried to enter the VR games market. In 2018, she released the Witching Tower VR adventure game. The project was warmly received on Steam (75% of the reviews are positive). The studio also tried its hand at visual novels.

The studio itself notes that Daily Magic has managed to go “from a small indie studio to a console developer and back” in its history. But, exactly how many people work within its walls at the moment, does not specify. Now, according to representatives of Playrix, “the studio team works remotely in the USA, Ukraine and Russia, and also plans to open a new office in Kharkiv.”

This is Playrix’s second public deal for 2021. In March, the company acquired the Ukrainian Boolat Play.