Rumors have been confirmed that it was Opera that acquired the GameMaker company YoYo Games from Playtech for $ 10 million. At the same time, the browser developers launched a gaming division — Opera Gaming.

GameMaker Studio 2
The basis of the new division will just be 

YoYo Games. With its help, the web giant plans to “expand Opera’s technical and monetization tools in the gaming sector.”

How exactly the team developing the engine for creating sprite two—dimensional GameMaker Studio 2 games will be able to contribute to this is an open question. There are not very many specific details. According to the press release, the future fate of the engine in Opera is closely linked to the Opera GX application.

We view the acquisition of the Game Maker Studio platform as an ideal deal within our global gaming ambitions. It will increase awareness about our Opera GX browser, as well as bring traffic to it,” said Krystian Kolondra, one of Opera’s vice presidents.

Opera GX is a browser for gamers. Its functionality is designed primarily with an eye on them. Among its key features are integration with Twitch and Discord, as well as the ability to limit the resources consumed by the web. The application will also be included in Opera Gaming.

Developing the capabilities of the engine itself is also in the plans. Opera, on the one hand, is interested in making it even more accessible for beginners, and on the other hand, to turn it into the leading solution for the development of 2D games in the world among commercial companies.

Opera representatives also talk about the desire for mutual integration of gaming and work in the browser. They want to make sure that both sides benefit from the combination both in terms of monetization and new experience for users.

Perhaps Opera hopes for the appearance of a large number of two-dimensional projects that will be directly played in the browser, which seems to be able to increase attention to the browser that appeared in June 2019.