The authors of the Core game creation platform have raised $15 million in a new round of funding. Epic Games became the leader of the round. According to the companies, they want to jointly create an “infinite gaming metaverse”.

Yesterday, Manticore Games closed the fifth round of funding, according to VentureBeat. In addition to Epic, Roc Nation and Benchmark have invested in the gaming startup.

The central product of Manticore is the Core platform, on which users create and publish their own games using a set of available tools.

The company compares Core to YouTube: Manticore believes that the platform for creating games should be as accessible to developers as this video hosting. The startup hopes to turn Core into a metaverse where each game will be connected to another. Probably, the collected money will be used to develop this idea.

According to Epic President Adam Sussman, the Core mission is similar to the Epic mission and illustrates how the creators of Fortnite see the future of video games.

President of Epic Games

Sussman also noted that no company is capable of creating a metaverse alone.

Manticore has previously attracted investors’ money: to date, the startup has raised a total of $60 million. In June 2020, Manticore established a $1 million fund for game developers on the alpha version of the Core platform. The purpose of the foundation is to encourage content authors.

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