The media once again report on Unity Technologies‘ plans to hold an initial public offering (IPO) in 2020. The company’s valuation may be $6.3 billion.

This time, Bloomberg reports on the ongoing negotiations on the listing. According to his sources, the management of the technology company is now thinking about this issue. No final decision has been made.

There is talk of going public this fall. Goldman Sachs Group will help to conduct it, in case of launching a campaign. But both this company and Unity itself are now refusing to comment on such plans.

We are very focused on working with customers, as well as on the health and safety of employees. We do not comment on our future financial plans,” a Unity representative said in a comment to Bloomberg.

Earlier, the company’s plans to enter the stock exchange in 2020 were reported in early 2019. In the middle of last year, Unity also held the last round for today. Then she raised $525 million from the company’s $6 billion valuation.

Taking into account the fact that last year the company’s revenue grew by 30%, and gross profit (gross margin here) by 80%, PitchBook Data analysts believe that the current market valuation of Unity Technologies reaches $ 6.3 billion.

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