The PUBG-owned company Krafton has started preparing for an IPO. It may become the largest in the history of South Korea. According to preliminary estimates, the capitalization of the holding will exceed $ 27 billion.

According to Bloomberg, the developers have quite ambitious plans. According to the head of Krafton, Kim Chang-han, the initial public offering of shares can bring the holding several billion dollars. He refused to give a more precise figure.

Nevertheless, analysts are already predicting that PUBG owners’ entry into the South Korean stock exchange is likely to be the most successful in the country’s history. Now the record is for Samsung Life Insurance. In 2010, the company raised $4.3 billion in an IPO.

The capitalization of Krafton may also be gigantic. According to Eugene Investment & Securities, the holding’s valuation may rise to $27.2 billion after the initial public offering. If this really turns out to be the case, then the holding will enter the list of the most expensive gaming companies in the world.

The money raised will most likely be used to expand the Krafton portfolio. As noted by Chan-han, this year the company plans to release another mobile battle royale based on PUBG. Next year, developers will be engaged in a game for PC and consoles, which will also be associated with PUBG. In 2022, the holding will focus on the survival horror The Callisto Protocol (Striking Distance Studios will take over the development), the events of which will take place three centuries after the plot of PUBG.

The IPO itself will take place in the second half of 2021.

Recall that Krafton was founded in 2007. Now there are four game studios under her leadership, but PUBG is considered the most profitable of all the company’s projects. For example, the mobile version of this title in 2020 topped the top of the most money games, earning $ 2.6 billion.