Zynga games will appear on consoles and PCs. During a conversation with investors, the company announced that it was interested in cross—platform projects. The publisher has already started development and intends to release the first titles by the end of 2021.

According to the CEO of the company, Frank Gibeau, access to new platforms will open up many prospects for Zynga. In particular, the publisher expects to use them to increase the audience for their games.

Nevertheless, Zynga does not intend to release purely console or PC titles. Instead, the company decided to focus on the crossplay feature, which will allow you to play the same games on different devices without any problems. According to Zhibo, this is one of the most profitable strategies to date.

“That’s where you can see a lot of franchises worth billions of dollars,” commented Zhibo. “These are usually free-to-play game services, and here we have a competitive advantage.”

The cross-platform direction was headed by her daughter NaturalMotion, known for the CRS racing series. Zynga explained its choice by the fact that the studio already has experience working with Unity and Unreal engines, and many of its employees used to develop games for PC and consoles.

In 2020, Zynga showed record financial results. According to the annual report, the company earned $1.97 billion — 49% more than in the previous year. The publisher will continue to work with mobile. It is expected that the first Zynga mobile game on “Star Wars” will be released in the softlonch in the summer.