Yodo1, the publisher of Western games in the Chinese market, attracted 100 million users from China. In particular, the expansion of the user base was due to the release of Cut the Rope 2.

According to Yodo1 CEO Henry Fong, the Chinese version of Cut the Rope 2, developed by the domestic Zeptolab, has gained 2 million downloads. In just ten days and only on iOS. This helped Yodo1 to reach the key mark of 100 million.

Fong also said that the release of the Android version, along with targeted advertising campaigns, should bring another 20 million downloads by the end of February.

Western studios are actively seeking to enter the Eastern markets. So Yodo1 has achieved the expected success, despite the fact that launching titles in China is traditionally considered a difficult task.

However, in addition to the troubles associated with linguistic and cultural differences, the uniqueness of the Chinese market gives publishers some advantages. If only two stores dominate in the West – Google Play and the App Store, then in China, according to Fong, there are more than 50 of them.

Editor’s note: Fong, in our memory, is the first who talks about a large number of app stores in China as an advantage. As a rule, such diversity is attributed to the disadvantages of the market. 

Source: www.pocketgamer.biz