Xsolla has introduced a new gaming investment platform, which is called the Game Investment Platform. On it, indie developers can get additional funding without having to share the rights to the game with investors.

Xsolla has already promised to contribute up to $40 million to the platform together with investors.

As Chris Hewish, the company’s president, noted in an interview with VentureBeat, the Game Investment Platform is more like a project financing fund than a venture investment.

The fact is that although investors here also purchase shares of an indie developer, they do not receive a share in his studio (usually one share is a very small piece of the company that goes to the investor). Instead, investors claim a share of the game’s revenue.

How does the Game Investment Platform work?

In short, the developer must first join another investment project of the company, Xsolla Funding Club. Only then will he be able to get on the platform. If everything goes well, then his game will be in a special list, which will be viewed by qualified investors. Investors will be able to invest money both in one game and in several. Xsolla will also be able to invest in titles.

Each investor can invest at least $5 thousand in the game. Huish assumes that, on average, developers will collect a million dollars per game on the platform.

There are currently six games on the Game Investment Platform. You can learn more about the work of the platform here.

Xsolla is a company that provides cloud services for monetization and publishing of games. In April, she bought Slemma, a company that analyzes data and allows you to create customizable dashboards. The volume and details of the transaction were not disclosed.