Xsolla has introduced a service for mobile developers. It’s called Mobile Game Commerce. Users of this service will be able to create their own cross—platform stores (and games), and gamers will be able to choose where it is better for them to run titles: on a PC, in browsers or on a smartphone.

The Xsolla team announced the launch of the initiative in the company’s official blog. According to her, MGC will help developers promote games bypassing the usual mobile stores.

How will it work?

In short, the developer will embed a special SDK inside the mobile game and create browser and PC versions of the title. Then he will roll out these projects on his online platform, a kind of mixture of a personal store and a community of users. Gamers will be able to enter such a store from any device convenient for them.

Xsolla also believes that its service will allow developers to promote stores around the world. Therefore, the company has added support for local currencies from 200 countries and the most popular payment methods.

Learn more about MGC here.

Although MGC was officially announced only yesterday, Xsolla stated that several major developers have already used it. Among them, for example, Nexters, NetEase and Gtarcade were noted.