French Voodoo launched the “Voodoo Runner Competition”. The essence of the contest: to create an excellent hyper-casual game in the runner genre for iOS, and then win $ 100 thousand and a publishing contract.

Voodoo is considered to be the leading company in the niche of mobile hypercausals. She has 100 mobile games in her library with 300 million monthly active users and 3.7 billion downloads.

A few days ago, the company wrote in its blog about the launch of a competition for potential Voodoo partners.

Any studios and developers can participate in the competition, even if they have not previously collaborated with Voodoo.

But there are a number of requirements for games:

  • it should be new;
  • made for iOS;
  • in the genre of runner;
  • with an emotional gameplay;
  • game mechanics must comply with the laws of physics.

Applications are already open, but the testing phase of the games will begin on September 3 and will last until early October. The winners will be announced on October 29.

The best games will be published by Voodoo, and their developers will receive another $100 thousand in addition to the usual payments from the studio.

But even those who do not enter the top contestants will still be able to claim a cash prize. The studio promises to pay $ 20 thousand to everyone whose games CPI will be below $ 0.2, and retention – above 35%.

Voodoo is not the first studio to hold a contest this summer among the creators of mobile hypercausals. Two months ago, a similar event was organized by MY.GAMES when it held Hyper-Casual Jam 2020. The winners of that jam applied for a contract with a Russian publisher in the amount of up to $ 50 thousand.

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