Unity is confident that their “real competitor” is not Epic Games at all. Those companies that still independently make engines for their projects deserve much more attention.

This was stated by Unity CFO Kim Jabal. As an argument, she cited statistics on the market.

“We are happy to compete. But the real competitors for us are companies that still use home technologies. Those who create and maintain their own engines,” Jabal said. “71% of the thousand best mobile games are made with Unity. Another large market share belongs to China. Epic controls a very small part of the mobile. At the same time, we also have a large share in the console and PC segments.”

According to Jabal, Epic was able to gain its market share largely due to the popularity of Fortnite. Nevertheless, Unity’s CFO acknowledged that the Unreal Engine is also used outside of the gaming industry. For example, it is used by automobile and film companies.

Recall that Epic recently released the MetaHuman Creator tool for its engine, which allows you to make a realistic digital model of a person within an hour. The service was warmly received by the audience. In particular, Elon Musk spoke well about him.