Room 8 Studio is a Ukrainian outsourcer that helps other companies with the development and porting of games. Yesterday, the studio announced the opening of a new office in Montreal as part of its global expansion strategy.Room 8 Studio announced this on June 30 on its official website.

The Montreal office will be the first of several new studios that the company plans to open in the next two years.

The Canadian office will be named Room 8 Studio Canada. It will be headed by Matthew Zoern, who previously worked with companies such as Funcom, Electronic Arts, Nvizzio Creations and Nutaku Publishing.

“Montreal is a paradise for game developers. Its location helps to provide the best service to customers from North America, and at the same time it is in close proximity to Europe. The city has a highly sought—after community of talented studios, developers and world-class creators,” says Zoern about the reasons for opening a new office in Montreal.

Room 8 Studio specializes in mobile and console games. Together with her, the Room 8 Group of companies includes Dragon’s Lake Entertainment, which is engaged in outsourcing development for consoles and PCs. Their major clients include CD Projekt Red, Electronic Arts, Rovio, 505 Games, Activision, Gameloft and Ubisoft.