Increasingly, mobile companies are announcing the transfer of their libraries to the PC. The next step is the American developer and publisher of Tilting Point. He released the Tilting Point Launcher, with which you can play the company’s mobile titles on a PC.

Now the Tilting Point Launcher reminds , developed by Blizzard. It also contains games owned by the company itself, and news about them. As stated by Tilting Point, the service should allow you to play not only on the PC, but also on the web, but so far there is no such function in the launcher.

At the moment, there are only two games in the library of the Tilting Point Launcher. This is an Operation: New Earth and Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest. Both were developed by the British Hunted Cow Studios.

The Tilting Point Launcher is available on computers with operating systems no older than Windows 7 and macOS High Sierra. It’s not clear yet if it will support cross-progression in games. In any case, Tilting Point is confident that with the help of their service, mobile developers will be able to enter new markets.

“We try to help developers develop their business. We are constantly looking for new scaling channels. They may be platforms not previously covered by us, regions and, of course, distribution channels,” said Samir El—Agili, president of the company.

The company worked on the launcher in partnership with Xsolla. In its announcement, Tilting Point does not disclose this, however, it is probably about Mobile Game Commerce. This is a solution for mobile developers to create cross—platform stores – Xsolla officially announced it in January 2021.

By the way, the Xsolla project has been used for some time by Nexters, which has released a mobile version of Hero Wars on computers. As of September 2021, the game received up to 30% of receipts (bookings) from desktop platforms.