In the Chinese New Year, three projects of ByteDance, the developer of TikTok, entered the top 5 most downloaded games in China at once.

Xiaomei Fights the Landlord
This is reported by Abacus with reference to the Qimai Data and TF Securities agencies.

According to agencies, the following ByteDance games are in the top 5:

  • card Xiaomei Fights the Landlord;
  • My Home — Design Dreams about home decoration;
  • My Kung Fu bagel is Exceptionally Good.

All three games are third—party developments. ByteDance acts only as their publisher.

The first place in the top 5 most downloaded games in China on Chinese New Year was taken by Xiaomei Fights the Landlord. This is an adaptation of Chinese poker from the developer Yaoji Technology.

Analysts see three reasons for its success.

  • ByteDance promoted it on its platforms Douyin (TikTok version for China) and Toutiao. The multimillion audience of these sites is an advantage for the publisher. The new title scored 160 million views on one Douyin.
  • The popularity of Xiaomei Fights the Landlord was also affected by the tradition of Chinese New Year celebrations to play Chinese poker.
  • In addition, the developer of Yaoji Technology was previously a major manufacturer of playing cards in China.

ByteDance is being talked about as a future competitor to Tencent. Now the startup is increasing its capabilities. At the beginning of the year, it was reported that ByteDance had purchased a number of game studios and IP. Her team already has more than 1000 developers. ByteDance has scheduled the release of its own casual titles in China and abroad for spring.

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