A user of the Reddit resource published a disdok of Deus Ex and other Ion Storm games with comments from the game director of the studio.


In 2014, an article appeared on Eurogamer about what Deus Ex might look like. The author of the text, journalist Joe Martin, referred to a disdock with comments by game director Warren Spector.

Yesterday, on November 14, it became known that a Reddit user under the nickname Defaultplayer001 persuaded a journalist to publish an original document. Together with the Deus Ex disdock, the notes of producer Laura Ziskin about the film on the game, which was never released, got into the network.

In addition, a disdock for the third series of Deus Ex and for the game Thief 4 was available. Both of these projects did not reach production.

Deus Ex has become the most successful game of Ion Storm studio. The project was released on June 22, 2000. The game has received many awards, including in the nomination “Best PC Game of 2000” according to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and got into the top 25 best PC games of all time according to the IGN resource in 2007.

“Majestic Revolutions” design doc by Alex Wawro on Scribd

Sources: Reddit, Eurogamer