The ministry planned to launch the experiment on May 1, but “due to difficulties with regulatory support” decided to postpone it.

Vedomosti writes about this with reference to three Russian developers.

A representative of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation told the publication that the departments have been discussing the possible creation of a state repository of free software since February, but have not yet agreed on all the details.

The reason for the protracted discussions is that “permission to publish the results of state orders under a free license, even on a Russian site with one platform operator, should be negotiated within the framework of current legislation and should not violate licenses and rights of developers.”

Recall that the essence of the project should just be the ability to publish on it in open access under the terms of an open license of various software. First of all, it was expected that “open e-government infrastructure software” would appear on it.

Despite the fact that “interdepartmental coordination of the draft government decree on the creation of a repository is currently being completed,” representatives of the Ministry of Finance do not report even approximate dates on when to wait for its appearance.