The Last of Us Part II topped British retail. In the UK, this game is not just the biggest launch of the year. She is also the record holder of physical sales on release among PS4 exclusives.

The sequel to the popular The Last of Us was released on Friday, June 19. Over the weekend , the novelty managed to:

  • by 1% to beat the launch sales of another popular Naughty Dog game — Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End;
  • 76% higher than the release sales of The Last of Us, released on PS3;
  • sell 40% more copies in the first days than the spring hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons;
  • leave behind in the weekly chart Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, GTA 5, Jedi: Fallen Order, etc.

We emphasize: in the list above, we are talking only about physical copies.

Not everything is so great

The Last of Us Part II received high scores from critics, but at the same time upset many gamers. This impression is formed by the user rating on Metacritic.

By the time this note was released, players had left almost 50 thousand reviews for the game (more than the scandalous Warcraft III: Reforged received), rating it by 3.9 points. At the same time, the critics’ rating of the title is 95 points.

The Last of Us Part II, even before its release, generated controversy in the community, some of which reproached the game for being left-wing and politicized. After the release, social networks also began to massively criticize the plot of the game.

Experts explain such a spread between the opinions of the media and users by cheating negative ratings. The first 5 thousand user ratings were posted just 12 hours after the release. Many of these scores do not exceed 0-1 points. Journalists from Forbes and a number of other publications doubt that most of the disgruntled gamers managed to complete the game.

Recall that in order to leave a rating on Metacritic, the user does not even need to confirm the purchase of a copy of the game.

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