On August 25, the game Descenders was released on PS4. However, the head of the company No More Robots, engaged in the publication of the project, could hardly find it in the store and pointed Sony to the problem. Ordinary users also joined the discussion.Mike Rose posted a video on Twitter, pointing out the difficulties with finding the Descenders game in the online store.

“This is what happens when you try to find your own game in the PlayStation Store on launch day,” the publisher wrote ironically.

Rose did not find the No More Robots project on display in the “Games” and “New” sections. After trying to enter the full name of the game in the search, he found it in the last place in the output.

Rose’s video was noticed on the popular ResetEra forum. Users pointed out the problem in the publisher’s claims, stating that the game can be found in seconds. To do this, just go to the section with new projects and click “Show all” — Descenders will be in third place in the list.

However, an ordinary player can really miss a potentially interesting novelty for him without using the full functionality of the store.

One of the Twitter users noted that at the moment the game appears in the first place in the output — it is enough to write only “Desc”. Perhaps on the day of the release, the PlayStation algorithms have still adapted. At the same time, the problem with the search and the issuance mechanism itself is still present.

According to him, Descenders has already become successful (including thanks to the release of the Xbox Game Pass). The publisher just wanted to draw attention to how many players can miss an interesting game because of the problems of the online store.Also on the topic

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